Pronounced: re·al·i·ty [ree-al-i-tee]
1) The "e" replacing the "y" represents eCommerce. 2) Real-ite: similar to Seattle-ite, which represents a native or describes a community's personality traits. 3) REAL Light: as in weight condensed information, Light as in the sun light. 4) REAL: Truthful, fact, with out deception.
REALITe believes in providing Independent Businesses opportunities at affordable prices with personal attention. The company, developed in 2002 has engineered and analyzed each component with precision and detail to provide a one-stop shop for your business.
REALITe Networks is a collaboration of service professionals working in: web development, programming, graphic design, database design, credit card processing, and consulting services. These professionals ensure our customers receive the expertise needed to fulfill any project.
We pride ourselves on educating our customers every step of the way. REALITe Networks has an amazing collection of online and offline expertise to take your business to the next level. As a unique online service company, we are here to serve you. By providing affordable options and setting goals for future growth, our consultants truly care about the success of your business. After all, your our success depends on yours!
REALITe Networks was developed around technology for the non-tech savy consumer. We analyze your options, currently available products, and custom solutions to find you the most affordable solution to meet your business needs.
One example is our eManager that is a complete package with user friendly help functions. A customer can control their products, pricing, inventory, and instantly update their own online product catalog. Functions like this are extremely important for companies that have one of a kind or several lines of products. The eManager allows you to work in real-time without the knowledge of programming or the need to contact a webmaster.