Starter Package Terms & Conditions
Web Starter Page is a one-page web design and includes free domain registration for one year, and a single personalized POP3 email account. Additional web pages and e-mail accounts are available. Our Starter hosting package includes 20MB disc space, and 1GB of data transfer. This project is intended to work with your existing branding and marketing materials. If you are not satisfied with your logos or branding you should contact a consultant first. Our team can assist you with branding and marketing materials.
The development of the Web Starter Page is limited in design and is based on existing business cards, brochures, postcards, photos, and other marketing materials. Your preference of company colors, fonts, and style should already be reflected in your existing marketing materials. Additional features may be included for a fee.
Monthly payments are one month in advance to ensure down time does not occur on your page. Payments can be made online or by sending payment to: Realite Networks, 5622 Corson Ave. S., Seattle, WA 98108.
If you become past due on hosting payments, your website and email may be disrupted until your account is paid in full. If you neglect the payments of your hosting for more than 60 days, your hosting account may be immediately terminated. Any termination of hosting due to non-payment will require a $45.00 reactivation fee.
Realite Networks is not responsible for the loss or recovery of email or files due to non-payment. POP3 email accounts are included in your hosting package and could be terminated or supended through neglect of payment. Realite Networks will provide you with a notice one month prior to the completion of the initial agreement and a reminder of the expiration of yearly domain registration.
Once you have met all the terms and conditions and under completion of a 1-year hosting agreement you will aquire full ownership of the development of Web Starter Page. At that time you can continue hosting with Realite Networks or continue with the company of your choice. We will provide all information to you pertaining to your site, and personalized email account. By purchasing the Web Starter Page you are stating you have read and agree to these terms and conditions.
Have questions or concerns? Please contact us!