Webmaster Program
The following information will give you more details about webmasters, industry standards, and the Realite Networks Webmaster Program.
Webmasters 101
A webmaster is usually a full-time employee within a company who is hired to manage the maintenance of a website. This service is seldom offered by your developer or hosting companies and can be very limited to what services will be provided. The primary job of a webmaster is the behind-the-scene updates that may frequently occur with coding, testing, file management, etc.
Typical webmasters do not provide customer service also. These issues generally are handled by an outsourced tech support company that documents your issue and creates a service ticket that is routed to your webmaster. A customer will generally never interact with their webmaster. Depending on the complexity of the issue the ticket could take several weeks to get resolved.
Realite Webmaster Program takes it a step further to assist customers in site updating needs by providing one-on-one communication directly with your webmaster. This provides a clearer channel of communication and faster response times which allows your site to stay as dynamic as your business.
Our customer satisfaction is priority. We maintain and monitor site frequently to ensure your online business operates reliably 24/7. We also act as a liasion between your technical service providers such as domain registrars, SSL providers, hosting companies, and card service processing which saves you time and money with our one-stop-shop webmaster services.
Edits and updates are welcome! Our webmaster services can be added with any hosting package and include a half hour of free updates per month starting at only $14.99 per month. Anticipating more frequent or a larger amount of updates? We can always customize it to fit your needs.
Our web hosting provides cPanel 11 control panel access to you web hosting account and provides detailed access and traffic logs. cPanel 11 also provides access to self manage your own email accounts, databases, files and much more. Tutorials and help guides help you every step of the way and our team is also always available to help and assist you.